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Site Specific Installation

Dimensions: 8" x 12" x 5' green monochrome monitors
and a hidden video camera facing out the window.

This was a site-specific installation from my loft space on Hope Street. A hidden camera is facing out the window at the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway from the window of the 6th floor warehouse building. The traffic was a constant in my working/livingenvironment. The sound from the BQE had an ambient industrial ocean sound quality to it which I recorded into an abstracted ambient industrialsoundtrack. (available on CD by request).

The resulting images from the high contrast monitors and out of focus light from the passing cars and trucks on the expressway gives the pulsing images from the monitors an ambient meditative quality. This installation became an industrial fireplace that would change according to the movement and sound on the expressway with an ambient-industrial soundtrack created from the din of the traffic noise. As a city-dweller where nature is minimal-the occasional tree, the polluted rivers, far from the ocean-the expressway and lights an traffic noise become an ambient industrial pulse that is organic and meditative.

BQE was a site specific installation.

BQE is avaialable on CD and DVD.